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Sign Hub began in 2014 when sign installations contractor Jag and graphic design artist and signs business owner, Amandeep Bhatty, decided that they could put their two skills together to create a total end-to-end physical and digital advertising business. Jag had spent the last 7 years building his business as a regional sign installation expert, while Amandeep spent the last decade working in the field of graphic arts and design. Realizing that many businesses went to one company for web design, another for printing cards, and still another to have a sign created—all using the same logo and taglines created by a graphic’s artist, they knew they had a business model that could cut costs and deliver seamless quality to their clients.

We believe that we are delivering the best quality work with reasonable prices. We are highly skilled at providing graphics design that will translate from web page to sign art with little difficulty. Our team that we have put together are not only talented but they are dedicated to the idea of creating a seamless design model and being part of a company with potential to define a new business model in 2015. ~Amandeep

Sign Hub is equipped with the very best in graphics and production technology which includes high efficiency large format digital printer for signs and banners, capable of producing mass volume for: flyers, brochures, business cards, postcards and many other paper printing jobs. Sign Hub’s installation team is all equipped with latest tools and a boom truck capable of various heights for sign installation.

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